VOIP, SIP, and IAX Trunking

VOIP (Voice Over IP) is here and MyServer.org makes it available to you!  We offer SIP and IAX trunking, ELS, number porting, 800 numbers and everything you would expect from a carrier grade VOIP provider.

Carrier Grade Quality

The big problem with VOIP is that it takes time to figure out which providers actually can deliver quality services and which cannot.  This is made even more difficult by the newness and complexity of the technology.  Even if you find a provider with carrier grade quality, most are expensive and have sizable "minimum usage" and proprietary equipment requirements.

MyServer.org Delivers VOIP!

Asterisk MyServer.org has negotiated with the big vendors so you don't have to make a large commitment.  You can be up and running for as little as $29.98.  We guarantee our trunks will work with Asterisk and other open source PBX packages and soft phones.

For $19.99, you get one line with all the call features you'd expect like caller ID, 911 service, unlimited local calling and great long distance rates.  Currently nationwide long distance is $0.05 per minute and international is $0.10 per minute (international cell phones and some remote areas excluded).

All prices are monthly, US Dollars.  A $9.99 setup fee applies. E-911 services are not available in all areas.

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