Virtual, Dedicated and Managed Servers gives you the greatest degree of flexibility in leasing dedicated servers: Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Managed Servers.  One of these is sure to meet both your needs and budget!

Of course, the great thing about having your own server is that you get to decide how to use it.  Host multiple web sites, FTP or SSH drop boxes, run a mailserver, anything you want!  If you are a developer, this is a great way to test various server configurations without your IT department hassling you!

All of our server products are physically and environmentally secure. Each comes with static IP address(es) and administrator access.  Each can be ready to go in a short time (frequently, same day turn around is possible.)


Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are your most cost effective way to get a server up and running!  You are shielded from all hardware hassles. hosts your virtual machine on our dual quad core XEON boxes.  Other than the lack of hardware, a virtual server is exactly the same as an unmanaged dedicated server.  Your virtual machine can easily be migrated to a physical machine later when your budget or business needs change.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers, (or dedicated unmanaged servers) are a convenient way to have the hardware all to yourself without the hassles of buying, maintaining, and finding an appropriate co-location facility.  Also, unlike co-location, you do not have to worry about other people having access to your box. Your machine is securely locked in the MyServer data center and only MyServer personnel have physical access to it.

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Managed Servers

Managed Servers (or managed dedicated servers) are an excellent choice for businesses who need server resources but don't have system administration expertise or in-house IT resources. They are also a good choice for developers who want a dedicated physical server but don't want to hassle with administrative tasks.'s professional system administrators keep your server up to date with operating system patches, software upgrades, and backups. You are free to concentrate on other aspects of your business!

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