brings affordable streaming to everyone!

For audio or video, live or on demand streaming, has you covered.

Plus, you get the flexibility to choose the best option for you: purchase by slots or committed bandwidth!

Committed Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables

For serious streaming, choose our committed bandwidth plan.  This plan is available both "capped" and using industry standard 95th percentile calculations.  95th percentile lets you use more than your committed amount, and you are billed at the end of the month for any overage.  Capped stops your streams once you've used all your committed bandwidth.

Your minimum commitment under this plan is 1 Mbps ($39 per month).  The rate goes all the way down to $15 per Mbps with 100 Mbps committment!  This plan gives the greatest flexibility as you don't need to know in advance how many streams will be in use.

Slots and Bitrate

Alternatively, commit to the number of concurrent users and the bitrate you need. This gives start-ups and individuals the ability to stream without having to commit to larger monthly charges.

Windows Media

Windows Media

We can support live and on-demand streaming of your asf and wmv files.


Stream Shoutcast and Icecast with none of the limitations on advertising like AOL enforces.



Live and on-demand streaming of your QuickTime and MP3 files.

All prices are monthly, US Dollars. A $25 setup fee applies; fee waived on 3 month or longer committment.

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Monthly Charge:  $39.00  

Note: all streaming accounts include 1 FTP account with 10MB of disk space.
Additional accounts or space can be purchased at checkout.

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