Mario: I just wanted to drop a quick note to say YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for your help, everything works fine. I just need to add content now but that's the fun part. Thanks again for your outstanding support, it goes unparalleled in today's I.T. world. I tell everyone about you guys!! Keep up the good work. Have a good weekend.


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great service you have. I've been using the free service with my DSL connection for a few weeks. Now my family -- spread all over the continent -- can see the latest pictures of my son Benjamin. They're thrilled, and so am I.

Keep up the good work!

Rand S. New York

No Question, just praise. v2.0 runs (and looks) great. I think is brillant! I've told my friends at work and I believe it's causing a bit of a buzz. When I told them the price, they couldn't believe it.
Most of us run Win2K servers at home and would like to TermServe into them (and think of all the XP users!). I was the first on the list to get a cable modem in my area (over a year ago). Since then, everyone who tries it out (including my father), goes cable. I think has only just begun! Thanks

Paul Ruggiero

I have found your service, support and pricing to be excellent. I would recommend to anyone.

Jeffrey Lockemy
President & CEO
Interface Consulting Group Inc.

Thanks for the great service. Being in the military, frequent moves and TDY
are common place, so having my email on one of your Domains has eliminated
the need to change my email address. I just simply redirect my messages to
my new ISP or use Internet mail when I'm on the road.

LTC Jim Chandler
National Guard Bureau, Wash DC

"MyServer.Org is terrific!"
I've been using Dynamic DNS now for 2 months and it is great. I tried it in Windows 98SE, Windows ME and Windows 2000 and it works excellent. I run a webmail server with it and the IP changing is instant. If my isp changes my IP it changes it instantly for me across the entire Internet. Its amazing!

John Chang
Tucson, AZ

love this service. I can now host a web site and not have to worry about having a static IP. It's wonderful. Valerie Bates
Tucson, AZ

"Saved my company money"
I heard about software, I downloaded it and it works great. Since I use a cable modem, my webserver is able to stay online because of this software/service. It's great when my ISP slams my IP address without telling me. Thank you very much.

Troy Lawrence


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CNET Downloads 5 Star Rating

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