Imagebullet Is your Broadband provider blocking you from from running a personal web server? We have a solution that will allow you to run your own web server on your Broadband connection even if your Internet provider blocks you from doing so, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in web hosting services.

bullet FREE Sub-Domain Services for casual users! This service is for casual users which have an ISP that does not block ports on their connection such as port 80, commonly used for http/web services

bullet Tired of having to figure out what IP address your ISP has assigned you every time you log on? With MyServer.Org Dynamic DNS Services you can give your computer a friendly, easy to remember  name on the Internet  instead of a hard to remember IP address like 

bullet Already have your web/mail servers hosted with a web hosting company? We have a solution allowing you total control and flexibility in the event of changes due to service difficulties or a change in hosting. 

bullet No matter what your situation, gives you full control over your domain! Compare the features of our remote DNS administration application to other Dynamic DNS services.  You will see why is the intelligent choice for all your managed DNS needs.

bullet Are you an ISP looking for Managed DNS services? now offers ISP's small and large a simple way to manage all your DNS records. We have one of the most powerful DNS solutions available.

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