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Adding Domain(s) To Your Account

Before Adding a domain to your account.
Change your name servers with your domain registrar.
Adding the domain to your account.
My domain has the right servers in whois, why is it not active?


Before Adding a domain to your account

Note: The following does not apply to our ISP accounts.

You only need one account to add as many domains as your service level allows. We can attach each domain to your account and you can manage all the records independently for each domain with a single Login.

Any domain you add to your account must be a domain you have already registered and you must be the legal owner of the Domain or be delegated as the legal technical or administrative contact for the domain. We verify each domain registered to our servers before releasing the domain to your account. You can check the status of your domain by clicking here. will not submit the DNS changes for you because we are not the legal owner. If you require assistance transferring your domain you may contact us either by telephone (858-922-6268) or our contact form.





Change your name servers with your domain registrar.
1) You need to change the NameServer addresses that are listed for your domain name through your domain registrar. You typically go to the website where you bought your domain name from, I.E. Verisign, Network Solutions,, etc and change them there.

2) You must specify at least 2 different NameServers for your domain. Listed below are our name server addresses. We recommend that you use all 4 of them. Most registrars allow 4. DNS Server Information
These are the DNS server addresses you must use when transferring/registering your domain with your domain registrar. Please use the DNS servers in order when you make the changes with your Registrar.
Primary DNS Server Address:
Secondary DNS Server Address:
3Rd DNS Server Address:
4Th DNS Server Address:

24-48 hours after you submit the changes to your registrar, try doing a "Whois" and make sure that they changed over to our servers. Below is a screen shot of one of our domains

Adding the domain to your account.
Log onto the Web based interface, From your menu selections click the add domain to your account link. There are instructions there, just fill in the form and click submit.

My domain has the right servers in whois, why is it not active?
The information stored in "whois" database is separate from the information in the Internet root server DNS system. Many registrars will update whois information very quickly, but not update the Internet root server DNS system for hours or days. Until the DNS information is updated with the correct servers, the domain will not be activated. After your domain is transferred/registered to our DNS servers you will be able to Logon and set up your DNS information. All changes made to your DNS records on our servers will then show up instantly to people browsing to your domain.

For more information or to post questions or comments about the use of our products please visit our Online Support Forum.

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