is now offering wireless broadband service for residential customers in Poway, Ramona, Escondido, and San Marcos.

After buying a beautiful home in the outskirts of Poway or Ramona, you had to deal with the fact the cable companies don't provide service to your address.  You ordered DirectTV as a replacement for cable, and then you realized you had no good options for stable and fast internet connectivity.  You are too far from the central office for DSL.  Cellular broadband is iffy at best, and satellite internet is slow and imposes daily transfer limitations.

Finally, you have an option!  You no longer have to settle for slow DSL, dial up, or intermittent satellite.

Internet without Compromise's wireless broadband is rock solid and reliable.  We place a small (12 inch) antenna on your roof, and your connection relays through our nearest tower, back through our Kearny Mesa data center, and out the internet through redundant, multi gigabit fiber optic connections.  Average latency is 5ms - 8 times faster than satellite and 2 to 3 times faster than other broadband providers.  What's more, we provide a guaranteed service level and throughput.

Unlimited Means Unlimited

Cellular broadband companies like Sprint and AT&T offer unlimited data plans for an additional charge.  Interestingly, they don't really mean unlimited!  If you read the fine print, you find unlimited means no more than 5GB total transfer per month when on net, and no more than 300MB per month when roaming.  It's a lie!

When offers a guaranteed service level of 1.5 mbps, we really do mean unlimited.  You can fill up that connection with 1.5mbps of traffic 24 hours a day all month long, and we won't complain.  We really want you to use our internet!

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Many of our competitors in wireless broadband will quote their service in terms like this: "up to 2mbps." doesn't resort to tricks like this.  If we can't guarantee your bandwidth, we won't sell you our service. 

We guarantee our bandwidth, so when we say 1.5mbps we mean that is the minimum bandwidth you will get.  In most cases, you will get more than that.  Like the cable companies, we allow our customers to burst for brief periods, so you will see downloads as fast as 5 or 10 mbps for short times, but you will always get the minimum amount of bandwidth specified.  We guarantee it! 

Basic Service

1.5 mbps dowload
512 kbps upload
$59.95 per month

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Premium Service

3.0 mbps dowload
1.0 mbps upload
$89.95 per month

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$99.95 one time installation fee - waived with 1 year service commitment.

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