Wireless Broadband Internet

San Diego now has a newer, better option for internet connectivity!  MyServer.org operates a high speed wireless network throughout San Diego County.  Our state of the art wireless network connects to our multi gigabit, redundant data center.  Business and residential customers can enjoy affordable, reliable internet connections.

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How It Works

Our technicians will mount a small transceiver device on the outside of your building.  This device maintains the wireless link with our nearest tower location.  The signal is relayed through our towers back to our data center in the Kearny Mesa area.

A standard ethernet cable will enter your building from that device, and plug into your firewall/router.  You simply connect your computers as normal (e.g. wired to your router/switch or wireless to your wireless access point).

We provide both DHCP and static IP address options.  Minimum guaranteed bandwidth levels start at 1 Mb and go up from there. 

Service areas are limited, please contact us for details and availability in your area.

Business & Residential

Packages are available for both residential and business broadband service.  For businesses, we start with T1 replacements on the low end and can go up to custom packages with as much as 50mbps of bandwidth. 

We also serve residential customers.  Unlike the big providers, we are interested in those residential areas with no broadband service.  If you live in an area of San Diego County where cable is not available, we want to hear from you!  If we don't already have service in your area, we will perform the necessary engineering work and do our best to bring our wireless broadband service to you! 

Click the business or residential button above to learn more about our wireless broadband service offering.

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Flawless, Affordable Internet

In 2008, we grew dissatisfied with having to choose between unreliable or high cost internet connections for our office in San Marcos.  We wanted something that provided higher bandwidth without the high price tag that comes with fiber and DS (copper) lines. 

We already run multiple gigabit connections in our data center in Kearny Mesa.  We set out to find a way to get connected from our office back to our data center.  We spent a good deal of time researching and evaluating various technologies and hardware. 

In late 2009 we completed our research and started building our wireless network.  We set up several relay stations - finally connecting our office to our gigabit enabled data center.

So good, we use it!

We use this wireless network for our own office.  We run internet backups, voice over IP telephones, security/web cameras and more and the network is more reliable than anything we have ever used.  You can be sure we keep a close eye on the performance and stability of our wireless broadband network, because we use it ourselves.


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