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Advanced settings for Free Accounts

From the main screen, click on the "Advanced" button. The following window will appear.

Use SSL: Selecting this check box will send your login information and DNS updates using 128 bit encryption. You must have the latest version of IE installed for this function to work. It is recommended that you use SSL.

Ports: If your ISP uses any kind of caching server on port 80, you have the ability to select an alternate port (either 1400 or 8080) for the application to use in communicating with our servers. ISP's that use caching servers will cause undesired effects with the Auto IP resolution of the service returning the IP address of the caching server instead of your outside routable IP address. This function is disabled if you select the SSL option, since caching servers do not cache SSL content.

Refresh rate: This option determines the heartbeat rate of the Auto IP Resolution. Selecting 60 seconds will force the application to check your IP address every 60 seconds and update the DNS servers in the event that your IP address changes. We recommend that you use 120 seconds to reduce the amount of traffic on your Internet connection.

Add MX Record: Selecting this checkbox will add an MX record pointing to your IP address.

ftp, mail, telnet, etc: Selecting each of these checkboxes will add a DNS record associating that name with your IP address. You may select as many as you wish. Please note that the "george" shown in the example would actually be your login name.

For more information or to post questions or comments about the use of our products please visit our Online Support Forum.

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