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DNS Record types

A - Address record allowing a computer name to be translated into an IP address. Each computer must have this record for its IP address to be located. These names are not assigned for clients that have dynamically assigned IP addresses, but are a must for locating servers with static IP addresses.
AAAA Host resource record for IPv6 protocol.
AFDSB - Andrew File System Database resource record
ATMA - Asynchronous Transfer Mode resource record.
CNAME - Canonical name allowing additional names or aliases to be used to locate a computer.
HINFO - Host information record with CPU type and operating system.
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network resource record.
MB - Mailbox resource record.
MG - Mail group resource record.
MINFO - Mailbox mail list information resource record.
MR - Mailbox renamed resource record.
MX - Mail Exchange server record. There may be several.
NS - Name server record. There may be several.
PTR - Pointer resource record.
RP - Responsible person.
RT - Route through resource record for specifying routes for certain DNS names.
SOA - Start of Authority record defines the authoritative server and parameters for the DNS zone. These include timeout values, name of responsible person,
SRV - Service locator resource record to map a service to servers providing the service. Windows 2000 clients will use this record to find a domain controller.
TXT - Test resource record for informative text.
WKS - Well known service resource record.
X25 - To map a host name to an X.25 address.

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