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Setting up Dynamic DNS App as a service using FireDaemon for WinNT/2K/XP

Before you attempt to set up the service be sure to exit the Dynamic DNS App.

Download and install the FireDaemon application.

Next, Install the FireDaemon Pro or Lite v1.5, after you have installed the FireDaemon launch the application.

Go to Service, and select New.

From the Program tab, enter the information just as it is on this screen shot, keeping in mind you may have selected an alternate location for the installation. The working directory path and executable show on this screen shot are from the default installation path of the DNS Application.

Next, go to the settings tab and set it up exactly like this screen shot, and click the install button.

You will then be taken to the DNS App Login screen. Because the FireDaemon launches the DNS App using the system login you must set all of your preferences up using the login that starts from the service. All settings you set by launching the application from the start menu using your windows logon will not appear within the DNS App that was launched by FireDeamon. This is because the registry keys created with your logon are separate from those of the system. Be sure to check the Save Logon screen. After you have logged in select the records you wish to automatically update and minimize the application. Close the DNS App by choosing the File-Logout option (this takes you to the login screen), then click the Exit button. The application should launch automatically with all of your settings. This test allows you to verify that everything is working properly.

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