Linux & Macintosh Users:

For our Linux and Macintosh users we offer web based administration tools, these tools offer all the functionality of our application based tools plus some added functionality. The web based administration tools use 128 bit encryption for the security of your DNS information.


All Other Platforms:
We have extensively tested these services using the latest version of Netscape and Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use at least version 6.0 of Netscape or version 5.5 of Internet Explorer. No matter what operating system you use you have the ability to access our Web based administration tools.
FireDaemon for WinNT/2K/XP

FireDaemon is a product of Sublime Solutions We have posted their application as a mirror site so you may use their product to set up your Dynamic DNS App as a service on your windows NT/2000/XP machine. Please refer to for documentation.

FireDaemon v1.5 is a freeware application but a small donation of your choice is recommended to keep their project going.

FireDaemon v1.5 runs on Microsoft Windows NT v4.0 SP6+ (Workstation/Server), Windows 2000 SP1+ (Professional/Server/Advanced Server) and Windows XP (Home/Professional). v0.09c runs only on Windows NT and Windows 2000. 1.31 MB

Please refer to our support page for instructions on configuring the FireDaemon v1.5 with Dynamic DNS App 2.0, Inc DNS App V2.0.0022 Code

We are currently working on the Whitepaper for the code. Please check back for more information. We will provide the code and a link to the partial Whitepaper but will be unable to answer any technical questions till the Whitepaper is completed.
Release Date: 26 Aug 2002 DNSApp Version 2.0:

Download Sites For Windows: Tucson, AZ  Version 2.0 For Windows 95/98/Nt

With Windows 2000 Microsoft introduced a new installer technology called Microsoft Windows Installer. This provides better tracking of installed software and less conflicts between shared modules. Microsoft Windows Installer is built into Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium and is available as redistibuteable for Win95/98 and WinNT4. If you are using any up to date program like Office 2000 you do already have MSI installed on your computer. Tucson, AZ
DynamicDNS.msi Version 2.0 For Windows Me/2000/XP

Release Date:
26 Aug 2002 

Minimum Requirements:

  • 32 MB Ram
  • Pentium class processor
  • 2 MB Hard drive space
  • Connection to the Internet*
  • Unzipping application such as Winzip
  • Microsoft MDAC version 2.5 or higher

Windows NT SP 6a
Windows 2000 SP 2



Spyware Guarantee!'s Dynamic DNS App V2.0 does not gather or transmit any of your personal information, computer configurations, or surfing habits. The applications send only your public IP address, Username and Password (via 128 bit SSL in versions 2.0 and higher if selected in advanced options) to our servers. NEVER sells or distributes your personal information to third parties. (Your IP address, however is sent out in response to a DNS query when a user browses to your server.) Your E-Mail address and other personal information which you supply during registration are kept on our secure servers and are only accessible by you and our staff via our secure logon site. Personal information about you would only be given out under a court order.

Windows� 95/98/ME/2000/XP Are Registered Trademarks Of Home

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