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Setting Up Your DNS Records Free Accounts

IP Address: This box allows you to manually enter an IP address. This is the address that our DNS servers will direct your traffic to. Please make sure this is your external routeable IP address. Addresses that start out 19.168.*.* or 10.*.*.* are not external routable IP addresses, and are inaccessible from people outside of your network. After you have either entered your IP address manually or selected the Automatic IP Resolution button, simply click the "Update/Add" button. You will then receive a conformation that the update was accepted by our DNS server and is now live to the Internet. If you manually entered in an IP address and then check the Automatic IP Resolution checkbox, the IP address will revert back to the address detected by our servers when the application checks for IP address updates. If the IP address changes at any point while the application is running in Automatic IP resolution mode it will automatically send this new IP address to our DNS servers and the change will go live within 15 seconds. No human intervention is needed, it is totally automated and no confirmation message will appear.

Please Note: If you exit out of the Dynamic DNS App, your domain will automatically go into off-line mode. Anyone going to your domain while you're in off-line mode will receive a message that you are currently off-line similar to this message.

New Features in 2.0:
The new 2.0 App now allows you to create common sub domains such as ftp, mail, telnet, etc: Selecting each of these checkboxes will add a DNS record associating that name with your IP address. You may select as many as you wish. Please note that the "george" shown in the example would actually be your login name.

MX Record: Selecting this checkbox will add an MX record pointing to your IP address. Please see our MX Record help page for more information on this type of record

For more information or to post questions or comments about the use of our products please visit our Online Support Forum.

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