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Release Notes

Port Relay:
Port relay is not deleting the DNS record pointing to the relay server I.E the A record.

Display issues:
1) The grid for Domain customers refreshing incorrectly.
2) The background of the app displays in strange colors for some users.
3) The screen sizing needs to be changes to that the blue border around the white area is even all around.
4) Free accounts, the advanced screen needs to be made longer to move the OK button down, it’s overlapping the record sets.
5) The systray icon stays in the systray after exiting the application.

1) If the customer's user level is 2 do not let them log onto the system. Create an area in the code that I can later go in and add other user levels if needed. Give them a message that they need to use the web interface to make changes to their account and have a link going to
2) Tab ordering, typing in the username, tab password and hit the enter key to log on. They have to click the logon button. Also with respect to the other buttons like the advanced screen and the create new records for domain users, set tab ordering and enter submits.

After logon usability issues:
1) Conformation messages for free account cnames are wrong.

Additional Features:
1)Add elapse time.
2)Add date time of last IP address check.
3)Add Date Time of last IP address Change.
4)Add Expiration date if EXP date is within 30 days make it turn BOLD and red.
5) The buttons, can we make them so that when they are clicked they change. I have a copy of the pressed version of the buttons. This shows them that it actually did something instead of the click and wait not knowing that it was submitted.

DNS App backend:
1)Debug mode. On the help about screen I would like a debug mode check box, this feature will write everything the app does to a log file to include heartbeat IP checks, record changes, auto IP changes, IP address changes.
2) Change project name to MSO or
3) DNSLogin app is using 100% processor time with some O/S's.
4) DNS Login app is not removing itself from memory after logging off or exiting, this is only happening with the free accounts for some reason. I also noticed that if you select the exit or just close the app while its not exiting and staying in the task manager it is also sending updates to the server.
5) Crash dump data has incorrect version and company name.

6) Free accounts logging in are still getting a long wait time to load initial settings. set a way that if the app does not receive the login information within 3 seconds it sends another command to the server trying to retrieve it while locking the app so they cant try and send updates or go into the advanced area?

7) If while minimized their IPaddress does change the app will continue to post the IP address change to the DNS Tickler every time it sends a heartbeat IP check.

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