For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

This service is Free to all domain level customers at this time. ISP customers will retain this service indefinitely, Domain and Platinum domain customers are welcome to try it out free, if you decide you like it you may add this service later. the price is still to be determined. we welcome your input on this new service. Please feel free to let us know on our comment page.

Our secondary DNS services offer you a way to instantly increase the reliability and availability of you web services. Mirroring your DNS zones on Inc's DNS server infrastructure means you have a copy of all your vital information on a totally redundant network. In the event your current DNS servers suffer a problem, visitors can still find their way to your sites by automatically querying our servers. All this is easily managed via our web based control panel. You can make DNS changes whenever you like, and they'll happen instantly.

DNS outages are the number 2 reason web sites fail! Don't rely on just your ISP or own DNS server if your web services are important to you.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to have an off-site secondary DNS server. These include:

Power Outages: If you have an extended backup, it can affect all servers at a specific site.
Circuit Outages: If your circuit to your ISP goes down, your servers are no longer reachable from the internet, thus as far as the internet is concerned they are not there.
ISP/Internet Routing Problems: If your ISP or major points on the internet have problems connecting to each other, chances are that a portion of the internet cannot see your DNS servers. Again, that means that those servers which can’t see you think you don’t exist.


You can run your own primary and let us handle the public servers.
You can create your secondary zone in seconds and everything is done live, so there are no processing delays.
Greatly increases your fault tolerance.
Can improve your site performance.
Economical and efficient service.
Mail Bounces. Most mail servers will actually return mail if they can’t resolve the DNS name of the system they are going to. If they can resolve the DNS name, then they will usually hold onto the mail until you come back up.
Web surfers, instead of getting the a messages saying you don’t exist, they will receive messages indicating your server is “down or not responding”.

Our DNS servers support more than 22 record types and have wildcard and round robin facilities enabled. They are suitable for all sizes of organizations, from personal usage right up to ISP's and web hosts.


In order for you to use our secondary DNS service, you must provide a primary DNS server somewhere on the internet, this server address must be utilizing a static IP address, the service will not function if you have a dynamic IP address on your Primary DNS server. This server is where you will maintain the primary copy of your zone files. After the initial setup, our server will automatically make a duplicate of your zone files from your primary server when needed.


Before creating a secondary zone on our servers you must first configure your DNS server to transfer to our servers. Most DNS servers allow a "notify" feature allong with an allow zone transfer feature. You should allow our server the ability to transfer your zones from the following IP addresses.


For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

*Please note Network solutions updates their records twice a day, 5 AM and 5PM EST. please allow 24 hours for the DNS changes to take effect. InterNic charges  $35.00 / year per domain, this is not included in the price of our services.  You are responsible for the InterNic registration fees. If you have an EDU domain, you must register it yourself, as well as any other foreign nation domains, some links to these Foreign Domain Registrars are HERE. Prices listed above are subject to change without notice.   We cannot guarantee our services will work with every Internet Service provider. 

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