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What started as an effort to connect our San Marcos office to our Kearny Mesa data center has grown into a great new option for internet connectivity for our neighbors in San Diego County! 


New Name, Same Great Broadband

You already know us as, and know our reputation for solid, affordable internet products and services.  We are committed to rolling out our new broadband wireless offering, and are now also doing business as San Diego Broadband.  We have a new web site at dedicated to our wireless broadband internet connectivity for San Diego County.

Poway and Ramona

Poway Wireless Broadband Coverage Map

We've been working hard to get the word out to businesses and residents in Poway that our wireless broadband is available, and in many cases, is the best and most affordable option available.  Businesses on the east end of Poway Road found our service lets them monitor security cameras, run credit card machines and perform online backups much faster than their DSL previously did. 

Residents on the grade between Poway and Ramona say our broadband is cheaper, faster and more reliable than the satellite or cellular broadband they previously used. 

Meeting our Poway Neighbors

We are so excited about our residential offering for Poway customers without cable service, we have been going out and knocking on doors telling residents about this new broadband internet offering.  We started in May with the neighborhoods on the grade between Poway and Ramona.  We have walked and knocked on doors on Mino de Oro, Eucalyptus Heights, Chapparral Way, Ellie Lane and Blue Crystal.  We plan to continue this effort with residents on Millards Road, Dos Hermanos Road, Iron Mountain Road and Platinum Place.  We really want residents of these Poway neighborhoods to know they have a better option for broadband internet connectivity!  If we knock on your door, let us know you've already heard about us.  We like to hear that!

Serving zip codes 92064 and soon 92065

San Marcos and Escondido

San Marcos Wireless Broadband Coverage Map

Our wireless coverage is excellent in San Marcos and Central/West Escondido.  We already provide 3 to 50mbps of broadband to numerous businesses and residential customers in this area.  We are ready to serve you!  If your business needs more than basic DSL, but doesn't want to pay for expensive T1 lines or fiber, our wireless broadband is the right solution! 

Our current customers in San Marcos and Escondido include Office locations, strip malls, hotels, residences and even a small television station!  Customers in San Marcos say they save money and get fast internet than they did before. 

Serving zip codes 92025, 92069, 92078, 92079

Kearny Mesa and Tierrasanta

Kearny Mesa Wireless Broadband Coverage Map

Businesses and residential customers in Kearny Mesa and Tierrasanta are in a great position to get our fast broadband internet connectivity!  It is a simple and easy matter to mount one of our antennas at your location, point it to our Kearny Mesa data center, and in a matter of minutes have you connected back through our fiber optic internet gateway.  With offerings ranging from 1.5mbps through 50mbps, we have an affordable and reliable solution for any business or personal need for Kearny Mesa and Tierrasanta locations.

Planned Expansion

We are currently researching tower location availability to allow further expansion of our coverage areas within San Diego County.  High on our list are Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Highlands, and Hillcrest.  Future plans include spreading South and East towards Santee and points east.

If you are in an area not served by residential cable service, we want to hear from you!  We specifically want to serve this market, and will make every effort to expand our wireless broadband service to your neighborhood.  Please use the contact us page to tell us about your neighborhood in San Diego County.

If you own a property on one of the many high spots throughout San Diego County, we may be interested in trading service and/or paying for the ability to co-locate relay antennas on your property.  If you are interested in such a deal, please use the contact form to tell us. as San Diego Broadband is serving San Diego North County with reliable wireless broadband and growing!

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