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Since 1998 MyServer.org, Inc. has been a privately owned and operated company located in Tucson, Arizona. Our core business is high availability, world class managed DNS services. You can rest assured knowing that our highly talented staff, which is comprised of seasoned IT experts that have worked for such industry giants as Microsoft, Sprint, the United States Government, and many more, will be on hand to handle all your DNS needs.

Housed in Tucson, Arizona, our data center is very unlikely to be affected by any type of natural disasters. Our servers are located in our privately owned secure climate controlled server room and are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Because our servers are located in our own data center we have the ability to control all aspects of the network's operation. Unlike other Dynamic DNS providers that outsource their service to rented rack companies we have the ability to tailor our services to meet our customer's needs. If you have a special need please feel free to contact us directly so that we may customize a solution that will best suit your situation. Licensed and insured for up to $2 Million USD.

MyServer.org dedicates a significant amount of time and resources to data center security. Our systems undergo rigorous security checks, along with constant monitoring of services and security patches put out by all of our operating system vendors. Our data center is locked and alarmed using the latest alarm technology provided by a national monitoring company. The alarm system s equipped with monitored motion, fire, temperature, and shock sensors, along with a battery and cellular backup system.

Server Hardware:
All our servers are stored in 3 full height 24 inch server rack cabinets. All our cabinets are climate controlled with a 1 1/2 ton A/C unit keeping the servers at an optimum temperature between 18 and 20
°C. (64 to 68°F), and each cabinet is connected to its own 20 AMP electrical circuit. MyServer.org uses reliable Dell Poweredge servers, which are all configured using the most reliable method of raid (Raid Level 1 Mirrored sets). In the unlikely event one of our servers has a hard drive failure the opposite mirrored hard drive will take over, leaving the server(s) operational. We maintain same day service contracts with Dell so that we can best serve our customers. In the event of a hardware failure we can have the problem corrected within a 24 hour window, keeping in mind that all of our servers are configured in a redundant manner that if one goes down another server will take it's place without loss of data.

Network Hardware:
MyServer.org, Inc's internal network infrastructure is built around Cisco brand networking devices. Our Internet connections are connected to our High Availability Cisco router. Our internal network uses multiple Managed Cisco brand switches and hubs.

Our main T1 Internet connection comes into our data center via New Edge Networks. New Edge Networks owns and operates one of the largest ATM networks in the world. With over 600 ATM switches deployed, it offers the greatest ATM switch density of any carrier on the North American continent, and perhaps the planet. New Edge Networks backbone is a nationwide system of protected optical transport that is configured for redundant service. Layer 1 protection is coupled with layer 2 dynamic rerouting, providing a rock solid base for New Edge transport. Moreover, New Edge Networks has selected a variety of tier 1 transport providers, greatly reducing its exposure to fiber cuts and other catastrophic failures through diversification.

Our backup ultra high speed Internet connection comes into our data center via Cox Business Services. Cox's high capacity communications services utilize thousands of route miles of fiber optic-based cable, a self-healing fault-tolerant architecture, state-of-the-art transmission equipment, and a variety of transparent LAN and next-generation ATM networking systems, nationwide, Tier 1, private OC-3 to OC-12 network backbone.

Because we use two different Internet backbones, for redundancy, our servers are virtually guaranteed to have 100% network uptime. We have taken the extra steps necessary to provide our customers with the best possible service available.

Power Backup:
All servers are connected to APC brand uninterruptable power supplies, capable of providing 4 hours of battery time to our servers, which gives our automated Generac 15 KW power generator ample time to take over operation. All our backup systems are thoroughly tested on a weekly basis to ensure their reliability. In the unlikely event we lose power for an extended period of time our fully automated Generac 15 KW generator will switch on and continue uninterrupted power to our servers 15 seconds after a power loss occurs. This generator is capable of sustaining our servers for 7 days before needing routine maintenance during which time our APC UPS units take over, providing ample time to perform such maintenance. With this combination of APC UPS units and our Generac 15 KW generator you can rest assured knowing that your DNS records will always be available.

Server Backup:
All our servers are backed up twice daily using our very reliable Dell PowerVault tape backup system. Behind the scenes we have an additional set of DNS servers, which are online and updated constantly, along with the 4 external DNS servers. In the unlikely event we lose one of the external DNS servers the 2 additional internal DNS servers are available to take over immediately. That's a total of 6 DNS servers on our network, 4 of which are always accessible from the outside, which update simultaneously every time you make a change to your DNS record. With this redundant setup we are able to virtually guarantee 100% reliable server availability.

Support And Staff:
Our highly trained support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with all of your support needs. We offer regular support Mondaythrough Friday 8 AM to 5 PM PST. After hours emergency support is routed from our toll free number to one of our support staff's cellular phones for prompt reply. Phone support is only available to our Basic Relay, Domain, Silver Domain, Platinum Domain and ISP customers. Free account customers may use our online support forum which is monitored live Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM PST.

Sam Norris
, CEO, Senior Support Engineer, Application Development.

Neal Morgan
, President and Chief Architect, Application Development.

Tiffany Norris, Senior Purchasing / Accounting Agent

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