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Most Broadband companies such as
AT&T©, Verizon©, COX©, Comcast©, Qwest DSL© along with many others are blocking port 80 as a publicly accessible web server port, denying you the ability to run a private web server on your local computer via your high speed Internet connection. Our Basic Port Relay solution will allow you the ability to run your own web server over your existing DSL or Cable connection, no matter what port your provider blocks at a much lower cost then most web hosting companies charge, or without the annoying pop up advertising messages most free web site hosting companies deploy.

We have extensively tested our Basic Port Relay service with hundreds of national and local Broadband Internet providers and, with the exception of America Online©, we have had a 100% success rate with setting up and maintaining a publicly accessible web server using alternate ports such as 8080 or 1400, which you have the ability to specify from your Port Relay console.

With Basic Port Relay, we include a fully qualified sub-domain ( which allows others out on the Internet the ability to access your computer with a friendly name instead of a hard to remember numbered address such as ( using all of the most popular web browsers. (There are currently 14 domains you can choose from for your web address.)

How does Basic Relay work?
The basic port relay service transfers the web surfer to your current IP address + the modified port
Example: If someone surfs to your web address "" they automatically get transferred to (where represents your machine's external IP address, and 8080 represents the remapped port.). The great thing is that they don't know they were transferred Your domain "" stays in their web browser's address bar so they have the ability to bookmark your page and have access to it no matter where you map it to.

Port relay or "HTTP" relay works by pointing your DNS record to our Web server. When someone goes to your relayed domain our web server receives the request, searches the database for the relay address, appends the port and opens the page residing on your server within an invisible frame. For this service to work properly you must set a few things up on your end.

1) Have your web server configured to receive traffic on the port you specify in your Port Relay Console.
Configure your router or firewall to "listen" on the port you specify and allow traffic to pass through to your web server.

Domains Available For You To Use WidescreenHD.TV MitsubishiHD.TV  
portrelaynet UTTERLYCOOL.COM    

Disadvantages of Port Relay:
You only have the ability to run a HTTP web server. You are unable to run a mail server, FTP server, Telnet Server, etc if the ports associated with them are blocked as well.

Workaround For Running Other Types Of Servers:
You can create a Free account in which you can run your other services such as your mail server, FTP server or VNC server, providing your ISP does not block ports such as 25,21,110. We do have a listing of the most commonly used ports available here.

For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

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