With FREE, you get a fully qualified sub-domain (, which allows others out on the Internet the ability to access your computer with a friendly name instead of a hard to remember numbered address such as (

Provided your BroadBand internet provider does not block ports such as 80,25,110  you can run all the popular server software such as IIS, File sharing servers, IRC servers, Personal Web Server, Mail Servers , FTP Servers, and much, much more.

In addition, all the tools you will need to manage your sub-domain from any computer running Windows 95-2000/XP connected to the Internet are included. If you are running any other operating system such as Linux or MacOS we do have a Web Login IP update form you can use.

Free accounts must use the support forum for technical support, we do not offer telephone support for this product. Basic Relay, Domain, Silver Domain, Platinum Domain, and ISP accounts are eligible for toll free technical support.

Special Note:
Before signing up for our FREE Services we suggest that you use our automated port sniffer to identify whether or not your Boradband Internet provider is currently blocking ports on your connection. This tool will detect the presence of your web server, mail server, etc. It will not however sniff for the presence of an open port without anything running on it, you must have either a mail, web or other server type actively listening on your server. In order for the tool to work properly you must also have the port open and accessible on your routeable IP address. If you are using any type of firewall\router appliance you should open these ports before starting the detection process. If you need assistance checking your situation please feel free to post on our support forum. We are more than happy to assist you. If it is determined that your provider is blocking ports we do have another solution that will work around this common issue called Port Forwarding, for more information on these services please check out our services link.

Domains Available For You To Use WidescreenHD.TV MitsubishiHD.TV  
portrelaynet UTTERLYCOOL.COM    

Helpful Links:

How to open a port up on a Linksys DSL Router
Comprehensive listing of common TCP/IP Service Ports


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