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After Logon for Free Accounts

Once you've logged on, you will see the following window:

Current IP Address:
This indicates what your current routable IP address is. This IP address is obtained by the application sending out a ping to our servers, our server then looks at the IP address that the ping originated from and sends the IP address back to the application. Under normal conditions this is very accurate. There are however instances where the IP address returned is not correct. This can be caused by a caching server in use by your ISP. If the application is returning the IP address of the caching server on your SIP you can go to the advanced area and change the port that the ping is set on. Most ISP's that are using caching servers only filter content on port 80. Your best bet it to switch over to SSL since SSL is not a cacheable protocol.

Connection Status:
Connected indicates that the application can successfully contact our servers. Not Connected either means you are not connected to the Internet, or the Dynamic DNS processing server is unavailable because of maintenance.

Current Up Time:
This timer shows the amount of time the Dynamic DNS app has been running

Last IP Check:
This timer shows the last time an IP ping check was successfully sent to our servers. The * indicates that a change has just occurred with your record or IP address.

Total Transactions:
This counter keeps track of every change during the session, should you manually update an record the counter will increment. If your IP address change while you were away and you are using the auto IP resolution the counter will increment each change as well.

This window shows your current external IP address according to our servers, your server connection status and your domain name.

Automatic IP Resolution: Selecting this checkbox will cause the application to use the external IP address detected by our servers, and update it as necessary. Note: If you are not using Automatic IP Resolution, you must set an IP address manually using the IP address box and clicking "Set IP".

IP Address: This box allows you to manually enter an IP address. To send the address to our servers, click the "Update/Add" button. If you are using Automatic IP Resolution, it will revert back to the address detected by our servers when the application checks for IP address updates.

Update/Add: This button sends the address shown in the IP Address box to our servers, and updates your DNS records.

Advanced: This button takes you to a window which allows you to modify the advanced settings. The help file for the advanced settings is here.

For more information or to post questions or comments about the use of our products please visit our Online Support Forum.

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