For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

Our ISP Managed service comes in 3 blocks.
$71.95 1-Year License for 25 domains.
$139.95 1-Year License for 50 domains.
$249.95 1-Year License for 100 domains.

The Internet Service Provider Managed DNS Solution is designed for ISP's looking for external Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary DNS services for any type of domain based internet hosting. Using Internet Service Provider Managed DNS Solution as your Secondary or Tertiary DNS server gives you the ability to provide uninterrupted DNS services to your customers in the event your DNS server becomes unavailable due to an unforseen outage on your end for any reason. Internet Service Provider Managed DNS Solution provides you the ability to instantly add, delete, and change your hosted domains (A Records, CNAME, and MX Records),as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of sub-domains, MX Records, CNAME records.Our easy to use domain management console also allows the tracking of domain expiration dates, registration information, registrar usernames and passwords. This allows you and your customers the ability to avoid potentially troublesome and/or costly situations resulting from a domain expiring and being registered by another party.

Most Broadband internet providers such as AT&T©, Verizon©, COX©, Comcast©, Qwest DSL© along with many others are blocking port 80 as a publicly accessible web server port, denying you the ability to run a private web server on your local computer via your high speed Internet connection. Our Dynamic Port Relay solution will allow you the ability to run your own web server over your existing DSL or Cable connection, with your own Domain name, no matter what port your provider blocks at a much lower cost then most web hosting companies charge and without the annoying pop up advertising messages most free web hosting companies deploy.

We have extensively tested our Dynamic Port Relay service with hundreds of national and local Broadband Internet providers and, with the exception of America Online©, we have had a 100% success rate with setting up and maintaining a publicly accessible web server using alternate ports such as 8080 or 1400, which you have the ability to specify from your Dynamic Port Relay console.

This service is the perfect solution for startup companies with startup budgets or large companies looking for outsourced redundant DNS management.

Dynamic (HTTP) Port Relay Services.
The port relay service transfers the web surfer to your current IP address + the modified port
Example: If someone surfs to your web address "" they automatically get transferred to (where represents your machine's external IP address and 8080 represents the remapped port). The great thing is that they don't know they were transferred. Your domain "" stays in their web browser's address bar so they have the ability to bookmark your page and have access to it no matter where you map it to.

Dynamic Port relay or "HTTP" relay works by pointing your DNS record to our web server. When someone goes to your relayed domain our web server receives the request, searches the database for the relay address, appends the port and opens the page residing on your server within an invisible frame. For this service to work properly you must set a few things up on your end.

1) Have your web server configured to receive traffic on the port you specify in your Port Relay Console.
Configure your router or firewall to "listen" on the port you specify and allow traffic to pass through to your web server.

What's the difference between Domain service and the ISP DNS service?
With the Internet Service Provider Managed DNS Solution, you are allowed up to 50 domains on your account.

Already have your web/mail servers outsourced with a web hosting company?
With's ISP Managed DNS Solution, you have the ability to move your customers to another hosting company without interrupting service to your customer's sites or E-Mail. If at some point in time you wish to switch hosts, or your host becomes temporarily or permanently unavailable, you no longer have to wait days for the InterNic changes to take effect. This not only saves time, but avoids potential loss of sales and E-Mail. One click of the mouse, and your domain is instantly pointed to your new hosting service.

In addition, we provide you with all of the tools you will need to manage your domains from any computer running Windows 95-2000/XP and connected to the Internet. If you are running any other operating system, such as Linux or MacOS, we do have a web based IP update console you can use which provides all the same functionality as the stand alone DNS App for Windows.

Depending on what organization your domain is registered with, it may take between 24-48 hours for your domain to show up on our DNS servers. Until that time, your account will show "Pending Domain Transfer" status.

While your registrar is making the appropriate change, and the change propagates to all the root servers on the Internet, your domain may not function properly. This is beyond our control. After your domain is transferred/registered to our DNS servers, you will be able to logon and set up your DNS information and all changes made to your DNS records on our servers will then show up instantly to people browsing to your domain.

For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

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