How does SmartPOP MailCatcher Service work?
The SmartPOP MailCatcher service is a tool designed to catch your E-Mail in the event your mail server or Internet connection goes down. If such an event happens our mail server will begin collecting your E-Mail and hold on to it until your mail server comes back online (our server will only hold mail for 7 days. After 7 days the mail is automatically deleted and lost forever). When your mail server comes back online, our server will detect its presence and initiate a transfer of the mail just as if it were sent directly to you from the original sender. Your mail server then places the lost mail in the appropriate mail boxes.

The SmartPOP MailCatcher service is not, however, designed to be used as your primary mail server. This service is to be used only in an emergency basis when you lose your Internet service or your mail server goes down. To reduce traffic on our servers we have deployed a rule on the SmartPOP MailCatcher server which will remove attachments form mail collected that is over 75K. If an attachment is removed there will be a message appended to the message telling you it was removed. When your server comes back online you can mail the sender and ask them to resend the attachment.

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