bullet Do you need World-Class DNS Services with Dynamic DNS flexibility? MyServer.org can provide you with a World-Class DNS infrastructure for all of your domains. Our products are designed for both personal and business uses. We have the ability to provide you with total control and flexibility over your DNS Records. We also give you the flexibility to self manage your records in a way that no one else can, with changes that show up instantly instead of having to wait hours or days for changes to take effect. From our rock solid DNS infrastructure to our web based, and application based, management consoles we can give you total control of your internet presence. Imagine hosting your own web site, e-mail server, FTP server, and more from your own location using your home or business Broadband Internet connection or dedicated T1 line. Whether you have a dynamic IP address, static IP address, or your ISP blocks ports we will save you hundreds of dollars a year in web hosting fees.


bullet What is Dynamic DNS?
Dynamic DNS is a service for people whose InterNet Service Providers (ISPs) assign them a dynamic (different each time) IP address when they connect to the Internet. This service allows users to have a static domain name that always points to their current dynamic IP address. Myserver.org Dynamic DNS updates are done almost instantly. (1 to 2 seconds) There is no waiting and the internet can see the changes as soon as you apply the update with our remote DNSApp.

Even if your ISP assigns you a static IP address or you have your web site hosted with a hosting company, MyServer.org makes it easy for you to remotely and instantly add, delete or change your DNS records without having to contact your ISP or Network Solutions. This functionality also allows you have your web site hosted with one company or at home, mail hosted with another company and so on. If at some point in time you wish to switch hosts or your host goes down, you no longer have to wait days for your ISP or  InterNIC to apply the changes. Simply launch your remote DNSApp and make the change instantly yourself.  This saves time, as well as allowing you to avoid potential loss of sales and email.

bullet Advantages of running your own server:

  • Your monthly server cost is limited to the cost of your Internet access.
  • You can run any internet server application. No need to pay for extras like Real Media streaming, Database access, Etc...
  • The more hard drive space on your computer  the more web pages and content you can make available. No need to pay for extra space or a per megabit bandwidth fee.
  • Your home computer becomes a real Internet server which you have total control over.
  • Unlimited user connections and Email accounts. Since you're running your own server, you take control of the server operations and configuration.



bullet Business Uses:

  • Remote Access - connect to a client's computer.
  • Keep track of  print servers.
  • Avoid the high cost of a static IP address.
  • Control and run your own mail servers.
  • Manage your own web or FTP servers.
  • Run an online video conference.
  • Talk over the InterNet with Voice Conferencing software.
  • Round Robin for load balancing your servers.

Computer systembullet   Home Uses:

  • Your own personal Web or FTP Server.
  • Talk over the net with Voice Conferencing software.
  • Run your own E-Mail server.
  • Build servers for Multi-player Network Games, MUDs or Chat..
  • Connect to your friends with Peer to Peer Networking.
  • File sharing 
  • PCAW, And VNC access.

bullet What connection types have we tested our services on?

  • dial-up
  • cable-modem
  • DSL or ADSL
  • ISDN
  • wireless (Sprint Broadband Direct)
  • LAN. (T1, DS3, Frame Relay)

MyServer.org gives you full control over your domain.
Compare the features of our remote DNS administration application to other Dynamic DNS services,  you will see why MyServer.org is the intelligent choice for all your managed DNS needs.

MyServer.org prides itself on being a leader in it's field. If you have a special DNS need we are more than happy to work with you. Contact Us.

For more information we invite you to look at our Pre-sales frequently asked questions page or contact us via E-Mail or telephone 1.866.811.5473 Monday - Friday 8 AM till 5 PM PST

*Please note Network solutions updates their records twice a day, 5 AM and 5PM EST. please allow 24 hours for the DNS changes to take effect. InterNIC charges  $35.00 / year per domain, this is not included in the price of our services.  You are responsible for the InterNIC registration fees. If you have an EDU domain, you must register it yourself, as well as any other foreign nation domains, some links to these Foreign Domain Registrars are HERE. Prices listed above are subject to change without notice.   We cannot guarantee our services will work with every Internet Service provider. 

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